Is it possible to somehow reverse Gravity? To prevent things from falling down to earth?

It is known from physics:

Gravity prevails everywhere and always.

It does not shut down.

It can not be deactivated.

It can not be shielded.

Objects ALWAYS fall to the ground.

Never up.

Is there something that can be used to override gravity?

Let yourself be surprised.

If you click here, you will actually see the device developed and manufactured by Oxygon, which not only reverses gravity, but even reverses it.

You can also enter the Internet address

You will see that things can also go up.

On the videos you can see it clearly (the videos are REAL).

You can also convince yourself live, if I show you the device.

You can get it in different sizes.

You can rent or buy it.

Get in touch with us if you are interested in this effect.

I look forward to meeting you.

(You can also contact me if you click here.

Or via one of the methods given below)


Do You Have Questions?

Need more information?

I’m happy to help.

Do not stay a stranger. Just say hello.

Tell me your dreams, plans, visions and fantasies.

Let’s do something exciting together.

Let’s just chatter something informally.

Tel. (From Germany): 0821-21 70 698

Tel. (From abroad): 0049-821-21 70 698

GSM (mobile phone): 0176-957 067 17

WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Signal, Line, Hike, Hangouts Number: 0049-176-957 067 17



Oxygon Emotion Experts AG, Western Germany
Begeisterung, Faszination, Freude, Spass, Vergnuegen, Glueck, Entzuecken, Staunen, Zufriedenheit, Sprachlosigkeit

Überwältigende Highlight Lösungen und Eye-Catcher für Events, Messen & Veranstaltungen - auch für über 1 Mio. Menschen gleichzeitig

Genau wie für unsere Kunden Michael Jackson, Steven Spielberg, die NASA, Disney, Apple, Boeing, Las Vegas, David Copperfield, Hollywood, Lido Paris usw.

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